Patricia Reser Center for the Arts
Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the city of Beaverton committed to a center for the arts?
Beaverton has a long-standing tradition of supporting the arts and enriching culture. The arts are a demonstrated value in our community vision, and the development of an arts center through a private-public partnership is specifically listed as a tactic in Beaverton’s community-driven vision plan. In addition, past survey results and available data suggest that Beaverton is a desirable city for an arts venue, and an accessible location for regional audiences and beyond.
What is the Patricia Reser Center for the Arts estimated size and proposed amenities?
The Patricia Reser Center for the Arts will be a multi-disciplinary venue for arts programming and education. The facility is planned to include a state-of-the-art theater with approximately 550 seats, art gallery and rehearsal, workshop, meeting and event space.
Have there been studies conducted to determine the feasibility and need for an arts center such as the Patricia Reser Center for the Arts being planned?
Yes. Beginning in 2004 and as recent as 2016, studies and surveys have occurred to assess the feasibility, programming, operation, and need for the center. A Blue Ribbon Task Force also concluded that there is strong interest and a potential market in Beaverton for a performing arts facility.
What is the cost of the project?
Total project costs to build the Patricia Reser Center for the Arts are estimated to be $51 million and will be raised in combination with private fundraising and public funds received by Transient Lodging Taxes. The center will not be supported by the city’s general fund.
What are Transient Lodging Taxes?
A Transient Lodging Tax, also referred to as TLT, is an overnight lodging tax on hotels, motels and other accommodations within city limits paid for by visitors to the area.
How does private fundraising contribute to the project?
Patricia Reser has pledged $13 million toward capital construction costs. Many individuals, businesses, and foundations have contributed as well. There remains approximately $550,000 in the community campaign to cover construction costs.
What is the timeline for the project?
The project broke ground on November 13, 2019. Grand opening is expected in late 2021/early 2022.
What long-term operational costs are anticipated and how will these be paid?
Future facility operation will be supported by earned revenue including facility rentals, ticket sales and fees, food and beverage, as well as contributed revenue from the private sector. As a regional attraction and destination for a wide-variety of audiences, Transient Lodging Tax funds will also support operations.
What types of concerts, shows and programs will be offered at the Center?
The Patricia Reser Center for the Arts strives to be a center for all with offerings for both the young—and young-at-heart—to enjoy. The center will present culturally diverse offerings including concerts, dance performances, theater, speaking tours, family programming, film presentations and more. The facility will present regional, national and international performances to Beaverton residents and visitors.
Will regional performance groups have access to the facility?
Regional performance groups will have an ongoing presence at the facility complemented by a variety of touring programs. In addition to performance-based usage, the center also will offer event, conference and meeting areas for additional facility usage, as well as opportunities for group arts instruction to create a vibrant facility utilized throughout the day.
Where will the Patricia Center for the Arts be located?
The center will be located in downtown Beaverton, steps from the Beaverton Central MAX light rail station and adjacent to new and existing amenities offering dining, shops, hotel and public parking.
How will the center’s programming be different from what’s offered in Portland?
The Patricia Reser Center for the Arts will be conveniently located for Westside audiences and provide an intimate, welcoming and accessible venue presenting a variety of offerings in a central gathering space. Programming will be matched to meet the expectations of regional audiences, providing distinct offerings that reflect Beaverton’s diverse population. As a complement to Portland and other area venues, the center will offer unique experiences for new and established arts and culture enthusiasts, while taking advantage of its convenient Westside location. A central goal is to increase arts access in partnership with Portland venues and other regional attractions.
How do I get involved?
There are many ways to help the center become a reality! From volunteering and donating to sharing our story and mission. Learn more at or Please contact Executive Director Chris Ayzoukian at for more information.
Who do I contact for more information?

For project information and other details, please contact:

Chris Ayzoukian, Executive Director, Patricia Reser Center for the Arts

For information on the capital fundraising campaign, please contact:

Lani Faith, Executive Director, Beaverton Arts Foundation